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  • 7-in-1 Pet Grooming Kit by Uproot

    3 Essential Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

    Welcoming a new puppy into the home is a heartwarming and exciting experience. They’re full of adorable antics and endless energy, and there’s nothing quite like the steadfast loyalty of a loving pup. However, all that joy comes with a curious penchant for exploration and a dash of mischief. That’s why before you bring your adorable fur ball home, you’re going to need to puppy-proof your space.
  • vacuum grooming dog

    How to Use a Grooming Vacuum for Dogs

    Grooming your furry friend on a regular basis is part of any pet parent’s grooming routine. While the Uproot Clean deshedder does a great job of getting rid of excess dog hair and brushing your pet, it’s helpful to have a grooming vacuum at home to make grooming easier and more efficient. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about grooming vacuums.
  • professional groomer giving haircut to a dog

    5 Best Gifts for Dog Groomers

    Professional dog groomers are often the unsung heroes of the canine world. They work lovingly and tirelessly to make sure your pup looks and feels their best. A scruffy dog can transform into a picture-perfect pooch, thanks to their handy skills. The bond between a groomer and a dog is filled with suds, a handy pet grooming kit and lots of patience. From the tried and true professional who has been grooming dogs for years to the dedicated friend you entrust with your pet’s care, show your gratitude and make their job a little easier with our list of the five best gifts for dog groomers.
  • puppies lying in dog bed

    How to Wash a Dog Bed in 5 Easy Steps

    When you’re a dedicated pet parent, you want nothing but the very best for your furry best friend. Not only does a clean and washed dog bed look and feel great for them, but a well-kept and comfortable dog bed is essential for their overall health and happiness.
  • kids hold dog in living room

    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Carpet for Pets

    There are so many joys and challenges to being a pet parent, and as you navigate the ups for cuddles and walks with your dog and the downs of having to clean up yet another mysterious stain on the living room carpet, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out.

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