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What to Know Before Getting a Cat: 6 Essential Tips

Before you bring a cat to your home, it’s important to know about the various aspects that come with being a cat parent. You’ll need a better understanding of their unique and sometimes puzzling behaviors. Did you know that cats love to sleep in laundry baskets and hide in boxes or bags? Not to mention, all the things you need to do to foster a cat-friendly environment. Whether you’re a seasoned cat lover or a first-time cat parent, we have all the important tips and tricks to get you started. Let’s take a look at six essential tips and “whisker” your worries away as a soon-to-be cat parent.

1. Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior — Adjusting to having a cat at home will take time for you and your feline. That’s why it’s important for you and your cat to get familiar with each other. Once you start to understand your cat and their unique personality, you’ll be able to better adjust to being a cat parent. Even knowing the difference between a content purr and a distressed meow can make all the difference. 

2. Committing to Your Cat’s Care — Remember that having a cat is a long-term commitment. Cats can live well into their twenties, so that’s potentially two decades of caring for a cat. Provide them consistent care throughout your life together by including regular veterinary visits, vaccinations, proper diet, mental stimulation and grooming. Cats appreciate consistent care and routine, so feeding them, playing with them and cuddling with them on a consistent basis helps build that bond.

3. How to Create a Safe Space — Since cats are naturally territorial, it takes time for them to adjust to new places. Your home is that new place, so it’ll take time for them to feel less overwhelmed and more comfortable with this change. A safe space is also a clean space. To help keep your home a clean and safe place, use dryer sheets for pet hair when you wash your clothes and your cat's belongings. The dryer sheets will get rid of excess cat fur from your clothing and any of your cat’s little clothing, toys and cat bed.

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4. Social vs. Introverted Cats — While some cats love a lot of attention and affection, others still prefer more quiet time to themselves. It’s important for you and your cat to be patient with one another as you learn each other’s personality types. To help your cat feel safe and build trust, allow them to initiate reactions, but don’t force physical contact on them. As tempted as you may be to hug and cuddle your cat, it may take time for them to open up. Your introverted cat may be very hesitant to let you groom them at first, while a more social cat will love it when you use a cat hair remover on them.

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5. Litter Box Basics — Every cat needs a litter box so they can do their business. You’ll want to put it in an area that’s easily accessible for your cat. Ideally, find them a quiet place in your home, like the bathroom, where they can do their business in peace and with some privacy. Their waste should be scooped daily, and the full litter box should be changed every week.

6. Financial Costs — Having a cat comes with financial responsibilities beyond just the initial cost of adopting the cat. You’ll have to budget for regular veterinary care, grooming tools, toys, food and kitty litter. You may have to prepare for unexpected medical expenses. Having a financial safety net set aside will ensure your cat receives proper care.

Now that you’re a pro on all the must-knows before you get a cat, get ready to welcome your new furry companion home. To help make sure your cat stays well-groomed and your home remains a comfortable and clean environment with them, get a deshedder in advance. This tool will remove excess fur from your cat’s coat and can remove all that cat hair (because, boy, do cats shed!) from your clothing, furniture, carpets and more.

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