Uproot Care 101: How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

Uproot Care 101: How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

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When we welcome a new bundle of joy like a furry friend into our home, we’re welcoming an atmosphere filled with curiosity, playfulness and overall cuteness. Yet as much as we cherish the silly antics of our cats, it’s important to create a safe haven for these tiny explorers. The art of kitten-proofing is a practice designed to safeguard your home and ensure harmonious living for you and your cat. Whether you’re a seasoned kitty veteran or a brand-new cat parent, you’ll love our tips on how to kitten-proof your home in no time.

1. Secure Window Sills and Balconies — Kittens are driven by their innate curiosity and may likely venture up to high places in your home, like window sills and balconies, posing risks for them to escape or even fall. Consider installing a mesh or a net on your windows or balconies to act as a protective barrier. That way, your kitten can enjoy the view of the outside without all of those potential hazards. Creating a secure yet accessible space nurtures their natural inclination to observe the world around them. It’s a precautionary measure to safeguard against accidents and promote a harmonious living space for you and your new cat companion. While you’re making sure your windows and balconies are secure, check out your curtains. You may be surprised at how much cat hair ended up on your furniture and fixtures at home. Remove fur from any non-knit fabric by using the Uproot Clean Pro™

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2. Choose Cat-Friendly Plants — According to Gardeners’ World, cats are prone to eating plants, and many house plants are actually toxic to pets. You don’t have to totally get rid of plants at home. Instead, opt for cat-friendly plants like catnip which has a euphoric effect on cats. Popular non-toxic alternatives like Boston ferns, areca palms and spider plants add a touch of greenery to your space without posing a threat to your cat. Your kitten can indulge in their natural instinct without the worry of potential harm from accidentally ingesting a toxic plant.

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3. Introduce Interactive Toys — Interactive toys are a game-changer when kitten-proofing your home. Your cat needs to be stimulated since they possess boundless energy, especially when they’re young kittens. Interactive toys provide an outlet for them to keep destructive behaviors and boredom at bay. It gives your cat an opportunity to exercise while being mentally stimulated. Consider toys like puzzle feeders, laser points and feather wands to engage all of your kitten’s senses. It’s a healthy balance of entertainment and exercise. You’ll better enrich your kitten’s new environment while creating a harmonious space where your kitten’s natural behaviors can thrive. If your cat loves interactive toys, bond with them by regularly grooming them with a cat deshedder. Regular grooming ensures you’ll have less cat hair all over your home while getting in some quality bonding time with your pet.

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4. Lock Away Harmful Substances — Don’t forget to lock away any harmful products like toxic cleaning supplies. Some common harmful substances you may have in your home can include household cleaning products like detergents and fabric softener sheets. It could also be food that your pets shouldn’t accidentally ingest, like garlic, onions, chocolate or xylitol, often found in sugar-free gum. Keep your kitten out of the kitchen to prevent them from accidentally getting into cabinets and food they shouldn’t bite into!

Having a feline family member in your home is sure to make your life filled with moments that will leave lasting paw prints on your heart. Just like every cat’s personality is different, every home is unique. Tailor these kitten-proofing strategies to suit your living space while keeping in mind the specific tendencies and needs of your cat. Remember to routinely groom them with a pet grooming kit to avoid cat hair getting all over the house to keep your home smelling fresh and your cat looking well-groomed.

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