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How to Refresh Couch Cushions

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Whether your old couch is in need of a simple refresh or is covered with ridiculous amounts of pet hair, we all need to refresh our couch cushions from time to time. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a brand-new couch, just follow these simple steps to refresh your couch cushions so they’ll feel clean and smell fresh again in no time! Before you get started, make sure you equip yourself with these next few important tools for cleaning your couch cushions, including the best pet hair remover on the market

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1. Materials You’ll Need — Before you begin cleaning your couch and refreshing your couch cushions, you’ll want to make sure you have all of your materials and tools to clean the couch. If you plan on restuffing any sagging couch cushions or replacing the couch cushions, you’ll need about 10 pounds of poly-fil for the stuffing, quilt batting to act as insulation between the top and back of your quilt and a spray adhesive to help the batting stick to the foam inside of your seat cushions. You will also want to remove any excess debris and pet hair from your couch cushions with an easy-to-use tool like the Uproot Cleaner Pro™.

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2. What to Do Before Refreshing Your Couch Cushions — Before you actually clean your couch cushions, you’ll want to remove your cushions from the couch. Then, vacuum them to remove any debris and dirt. For excess pet hair, use a pet hair remover tool to get rid of pet hair from your cushions and the rest of your couch.

3. Steps for Cleaning Your Couch Cushions — Next step, you’ll want to remove the covers from your couch cushions. Removable covers should come with care instructions on the tag, so be sure to follow those instructions when you wash and dry them accordingly. If your couch cushions do not have removable covers, you can spot-clean your couch cushions using warm water and mild detergent.

4. What to Do with Sagging Couch Cushions — According to Apartment Therapy, if you need to refresh sagging couch cushions, all you need to plump them back up is poly-fil, quilt batting, and a spray adhesive. Open up each couch cushion to see how much poly-fil you need to put in the cushion. You’ll be filling up each cushion like you’re stuffing a turkey. Then, you’ll want to wrap the inside foam with several layers of quilt batting. Finally, spray a bit of spray adhesive on the foam so the batting sticks to the foam. No more sagging or wrinkles for your couch cushions, and soon your couch cushions will look nice and plump again!

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5. How to Regularly Take Care of Your Couch — The best kind of care is preventative care. Some general ways to take care of your couch include fluffing up your couch cushions every now and then. If your sofa is in a very sunny area of your living room, don’t let direct sunlight shine on your couch every day. If you have an upholstered couch like a leather couch, direct sunlight can age your couch and couch cushions.

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Now that you know how to refresh your couch and your couch cushions, you can even use that same handy portable pet hair remover tool that you used to get rid of all that pet hair on other furniture around the house. Use the pet hair remover tool on any non-knit surface, including rugs, carpets, bed sheets and more. You can even use it on your clothing. That way, the same pet hair that ended up on your jeans won’t end up back on that couch you just cleaned.