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How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Your House

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Got pet hair everywhere? You’re not alone. Despite the hype surrounding the many endlessly popular — and endlessly adorable — hypoallergenic dog breeds, there’s actually no such thing as a breed that doesn’t shed at all. That means that if you’re one of the 38.4 percent of households that owns a dog, you’ve probably got fur to manage. 

In addition to giving your home a tidier look and a fresher smell, cleaning up the dog hair will help make your home healthier by reducing allergens in the air. Your two-legged family members may be allergic to the fur itself or the dander, pollen and mold it carries. That’s why it’s so important to keep the hair where it belongs — either on your pup and in the trash.

Here’s how to get rid of the hair and keep it under control.

  1. Scrape It Off: Use a Pet Hair Remover — First things first: invest in a high-quality pet hair removal tool that helps you clear away the layers that accumulate on clothing, furniture and rugs. Forget all the hacks you’ve heard about rubber gloves and rolls of tape. The best pet hair removers have comfortable handles and wide brush heads to make fur removal a breeze when dealing with larger items like furniture and curtains. Keep removers around your home in convenient locations, such as by the front door or in your vanity drawer, so you always have one on hand when you notice some clingy fur.
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    Tip: Got fur on your carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery? Try the Uproot Cleaner Pro Pet Fur Remover. This tool is designed to scrape away even thick fur buildup to keep surfaces looking like new.

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    1. Sweep It Up: Vacuum Regularly — Regular vacuuming is the best way to remove pet fur that is piling up in corners and under furniture. To get yourself in the habit of regularly vacuuming, install a cordless vacuum in a convenient location so you can easily grab it when you need to attack lingering piles of fur. Sweeping your hard-surface floors with a broom won’t pick up nearly as much fur, dirt, dust and dander, so be sure to vacuum in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas you’d typically simply hit with a broom.  
    2. Wash It Off: Give Your Dog a Bath — Bathing your pup at regular intervals will help ensure that any loose fur is removed and then washed down the drain. If your dog has a thick or double coat, consider booking a session with a professional groomer. They will be able to provide your pup with tail-to-paw de-shedding so the hair doesn’t wind up in your home or on your clothes.
    3. Pick It Out: Choose Anti-Static Fabrics — We’re not saying you should design your entire home around your dog, but you should definitely keep them in mind when you’re picking out furniture and bedding. Different fabrics interact with pet fur differently. If you want to ensure that your sofa, bed, curtains and rugs don’t attract it like a magnet, make sure to pick fur-repelling fabrics. Smooth, tighter weave fabrics are best for repelling fur.
    4. Toss It in: Try a Few Laundry Tricks — The best way to remove pet hair from clothes — and, in turn, your home — is to use an Uproot Clean tool. But if you want to attack a whole load of laundry at once, there’s no better tool than the washing machine. Dryer sheets, dryer balls and specialty hair remover devices and the heat of the dryer can all help dislodge fur from fibers so clothes emerge looking fresh and clean. Be sure to regularly clean out your dryer’s lint trap, which tends to be much more stuffed in pet-friendly households.

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      We all love our furry family members, and not having a pet is simply not an option. But keeping their hair at bay is critical to helping keep our house and our clothes neat and tidy. With the right fur management strategy and a few helpful tools, you’ll be able banish the fur without losing out on any crucial snuggling time.

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