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How to Get Rid of Cat Dander in Your Home

Living with a furry friend brings us huge joy in our homes, but with that joy comes responsibilities and sometimes even allergies or sensitivities. The presence of cat dander can become a health issue for many cat parents, leading to potential allergic reactions, asthma and compromised indoor air quality, as shown by the American Lung Association. For others, it’s — at the very least — an annoyance dealing with cat hair and dander all over your home. These challenges are especially apparent for households with more than one cat or pet. From routinely grooming your cat to using dryer sheets for pet hair to get cat dander out of your clothing, you’ll love these tips and tricks for getting rid of cat dander in your home.

1. Practice Regular Grooming — Practice regular grooming sessions with your cat to help reduce the amount of dander in your home. It’s a great excuse to also bond with your cat. If you dare to attempt bathing your cat, doing so can reduce dander buildup as well. Bathing your cat may require help from a professional groomer or your veterinarian. To help you with your cat's grooming routine, get a multi-use pet hair remover that does it all. This handy tool will help you bond with your cat through easy grooming, removing excess pet hair in a snap. That same tool can also be used to remove cat fur and other cat dander in your home on clothing, furniture and any non-knit surface like carpets or rugs.

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2. Clean Furniture and Surfaces at Home — Just like you should establish a grooming routine for your cat, you should establish a cleaning routine at home to remove cat dander from any surfaces or fabrics at home where you see a good amount of cat hair and dander. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down shelves, furniture and window sills. When vacuuming, try using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that’s designed to capture dander more effectively.

3. Enhance Ventilation — When was the last time you changed the air filter in your home? Make sure you’re routinely changing the air filter for your health and your cat. Consider switching to a high-quality HVAC filter with a MERV rating that’s specifically designed to help capture pet dander and further improve your home’s indoor air quality. Proper ventilation and air filters will help remove dander and stale air from your home. Whenever the weather allows, turn off the AC or heater in your home and open up the windows and doors instead to promote air circulation. To help clear air vents in your home, like your dryer vent, use our specially designed dryer sheets for pet hair. These dryer sheets will help remove cat dander from your clothing so there’s less lint and dander to clean out from your dryer vent later on.

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4. Create a Cat-Free Zone — If you have a multi-cat or multi-pet home, it’s especially helpful to designate a pet-free zone. It’ll help train your pet to respect boundaries, and you’ll have to do less cleaning in the end. Even if you have designated cat-free zones in your home, you’ll still need to routinely groom your cat. For medium- to long-haired pets, we’ve designed our latest deshedder to help groom your pets. Having that cat-free zone, whether it’s your bedroom or your home office, will help create at least one or two dander-free zones, which can be much-needed for any family members or guests with allergies.

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With these handy tips in mind, you’re well on your way to having a much cleaner and more dander-free home. Remember that consistency is key, and regularly grooming your cat can help with ensuring a cleaner home and less allergens. When in doubt, make sure you’re using the best pet hair remover to remove cat hair from your clothing, furniture and carpet at home. You can use that same pet hair remover to groom your cat, too!