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Horse Grooming Supplies: An Ultimate Guide

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Whether you’re a new horse parent or you’re a tried and true horse lover, it might be time to consider upgrading your horse grooming supplies. With so many different options out there, it can be hard to figure out what you really need for your horse. Not sure which ones are best for your horse? From curry combs to a large pet hair remover tool to brush your horse and get horse hair out of other tricky places, keep reading our ultimate guide to horse grooming supplies.

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1. Curry Combs — One of the first things you’ll need to get for your horse to groom them properly is a curry comb. Curry combs are called curry combs because you rub or “curry” your horse in order to help loosen any dirt or hair. Keep in mind that every kind of horse might need a curry comb that’s specific to them. If you notice your horse is uncomfortable when you’re using the curry comb on them, such as if they fidget or jerk, look into getting a different curry comb. Treat it as you would a massaging comb. If it doesn’t feel comfortable on your skin, it probably won’t feel comfortable on your horse.

2. Combs for Your Horse’s Mane and Tail — As for which combs you can use for your horse, you’ll want combs for them that will help with grooming specific parts of your horse. That includes a sturdy, wide-tooth comb for your horse’s mane and tail. A wider comb is more gentle on your horse’s hair, so it isn’t as likely for your horse’s hair to get tangled. It offers them a better grooming experience.


3. Horse Deshedding Brush — Just like other animals, horses also need help deshedding to remove any excess hair. While a curry comb is great for loosening debris, you may need to go a bit deeper to loosen any other hair or dirt. A horse deshedding tool can help you get in a little bit deeper. Looking for a horse deshedding brush that not only removes excess hair but also helps remove any excess horse hair and other animal furs from other places like furniture, carpets and more? Get your horse a horse deshedding tool.

Get a Horse Deshedding Tool

4. Dandy Brush — According to Horse Illustrated, a dandy brush is a basic medium or stiff bristle brush used to remove dirt and is ideal for general-purpose grooming. A dandy brush is a helpful tool for removing deep layers of hair and dirt on your horse. Use the dandy brush on your horse after currying your horse. The dandy brush is ideal for deep cleaning. It can also be used to remove mud from your horse’s hooves. 


5. Soft Brush or Body Brush — You’ll want a brush that will help brush out your horse’s shiny coat. Remember that when you’re brushing your horse, you should do so with long, gentle strokes across their body. Use a soft brush or body brush on your horse’s body. In addition to that soft brush for your horse’s body, be sure to groom your horse with a horse shedding brush.

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Now that you know what tools you should have to groom your horse, here are some important tips to keep in mind. The best way you can groom your horse is by grooming them consistently. The more you brush and curry your horse, the more you’ll bring the natural oils on their skin to the surface. Make sure to brush your horse’s hair in the direction it grows. Need a tool that will easily help both brush and deshed your horse? Get any of our horse grooming tools today to help keep your horse looking great and feeling even better.